You Have Not Converted, 2nd Edition

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This is the 2nd edition of this print. The type is slightly different and the colors are a bit different too. It's on the same French Paper cement green stock. 

These words paraphrase John, Viscount Morley, from his treatise On Compromise in 1857. I know the words thanks to a Ben Shahn poster that hung in my grandma's living room when I was a kid. 

This is a letterpress print, typeset by hand with vintage wood type and printed by the artist on a Challenge proofing press at the Mancos Common Press in Mancos, Colorado, on tribal lands taken from the Southern Ute people. 

This same statement in a different design is available as a mini-print as well.

Edition of 20 signed, hand-numbered copies. 

12 x 19 in. Shipped flat. 

©2023 Patrick Barber.