Make Your Mark Maker folded pen kit

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Make your own folded-nib pen with this kit. Folded-nib pens (or simply "folded pens") are simple writing tools that are easy to make, and surprisingly expressive and lively. Each one is different, and you can experiment with shape, flexibility and ink capacity as you learn how the nibs work. You can use a folded pen for calligraphy, drawing, or mark-making. 

The kit contains full instructions, along with a pencil, two small pieces of brass sheet, extrafine grit sandpaper, and walnut ink crystals. 

You need to provide duct tape (or heatshrink tubing) and a pair of sharp scissors.

You’ll cut the brass into a shape, attach it to the dowel, and cut/shape it into a nib. Then you’ll have your own homemade pen. Dip it in ink and start making some marks.

Comes in a nice sturdy box that can be used to store your finished pen.  



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